Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Humans, the ultimate pest!

Ok so we all know this world is overpopulated, but what should we do? We can't stop making babies because we haven't found the elixir to eternal life yet. So developed countries have too many old and fat people and not enough babies, and Third World nations are popping babies like hamsters and their people hardly live beyond the ripe old age of 50. Weird isn't it? Seems like we are never meant to have our pie and eat it. What's the solution? Is there even a solution? Well, I've got a couple of ideas so hear me out first before you judge me.

Old people: I propose that ANYONE above the age of 65 should be put to sleep (which means die). Forgive me for being direct but what point is there in keeping an old fart who cannot even remember their own name or is living off social welfare or pension that the state is paying using taxpayer's money?
Unless you own a certain amount of wealth, maybe $10million or have a Nobel Peace prize sitting on your bookshelf, it's time for you to GO buddy. You've had 65yrs, give other people a chance. It has its upsides too. You don't have to scrimp and save like the Grouch, not knowing whether to spend your hard-earned money or not since you don't know when you're going to die.
With a dateline in sight, you can spend your last dollar without worrying about tomorrow because you know there's not going to be a tomorrow. There's less chance that you'll die without a will because you know you'll die by 65 regardless. So we'll see less squabbles over family heritance. Peace on earth!

Sick people: I've really got something against this. Why are we spending SOOO much money on healthcare for the sickly when Mother Nature would have left them to die. Everyone knows that in the wild, it's the survival of the fittest. The sick and weak die and the fittest live on. It's a natural cycle and we're now tempering with it! I say people with cancer, AIDS, organ problems, mental disorders should all GO. Think about the tonnes of money we save on that and think about the quality of our genes in the future. Our gene pool simply gets better and better in quality, ensuring that the future generation have lesser and lesser of these problems. So really, though we maybe wiping out a gazillion people now, but much lesser of our future generation will die from such ailments. We will also see a spike in people taking real ownership of their health. Those who allow themselves to eat to obesity and diabetics DO NOT deserve our help. Why should we help people who choose to self-destruct? You might as well give your money to the drug addict on the streets! It's the same!

Yes many lives will be lost initially as a result of this radical reformation. But if we are truly selfless, we will undeniably recognize that the future generation have alot more to benefit than if we were to continue the way we are now. Less unnecessary people = earth lasting longer = more time for mankind to find ways to reverse pollution before EVERYONE DIES.
Less money spent on healthcare and welfare on the sick and old = more money for law enforcement, education, infrastructure, research on pollution.

If you think you're smart enough to outwit Mother Nature, then you're really dumb. Mother Nature MADE you. And Her Law says that it's survival of the fittest. So start respecting that people.


I was a straight A student, competed at the national level in athletics, and modelled while I was still studying. Oh, and I'm a psychopath.

When did I realize I was 'special'? Since I was in primary school, I already knew I was not the same as my classmates. But I attributed it to me being from a single-parent family. It was only when I started dating my boyfriend that I started to become aware of just how different I was. No I didn't stab him in the thigh with a fork on our first date. I shared with him how different I was, and the more I shared, the more I started to realize that hey, am I a psychopath?

Webster's dictionary defines psychopathy as a mental disorder especially when marked by egocentric and antisocial activity.

I also read an interesting online article online that there are 2 main profiles of psychopaths.
You either end up as a serial killer or a high achiever in whatever you pursue. What a difference huh? Which end of the spectrum you belong to depends on whether you use your 'gift' for constructive or destructive purposes.

I liken psychopathy to fire: you can use fire to cook your food, or you can use fire to burn down your enemy's house.

Why then is a psychopath a psychopath? My personal opinion is that we psychopaths just have a different set of morals and belief systems. We may know what some of the usual morals are, but we may not necessarily feel the same way. Well, at least that's how I think.

So follow me as I give you a sneak peak into the day-to-day life of a high-functioning psychopath who once in a while, has the urge to stab someone in the chest just because they bumped into me by accident... the adventure begins.