Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Liar

I had the fortune/misfortune of meeting a compulsive liar recently and I must say, it startled yet intrigued me at the same time. Here is a list of lies he told and the truth according to sources:

1a) Lie: He has 10 girlfriends, one who likes audi, another likes honda, and another is only 18.
(any experienced liar will tell you NEVER to use a convenient number like 10, 20 etc).
1b) Truth: He has NEVER had a girlfriend.

2a) Lie: He goes to the gym to work out so he can look good during bedroom action.
2b) Truth: He is still a V-boy.

3a) Lie: He has an 80% accuracy in profiling people.
3b) Truth: He attempted to profile me and wasn't even 20% right.

4a) He's moved house before.
4b) He's never moved!

5a) He keeps spare clothes in his car.
5b) He doesn't even have as much as a rag in his car.

Why was I startled? Because nobody likes to be lied to. It's insulting especially when you don't know this person at all. What incentive is there for you to lie to a complete stranger? Not only was his web of lies not entertaining, it was a complete waste of my time.

Why was I intrigued? Imagine you came across a guy with 3 eyes. Who wouldn't be intrigued by a freak of nature!

But after the initial excitement. I am now starting to turn a little worried. It's natural for people to lie about what they did: that you slept early that night even though you were out partying, or that you did your homework even though you haven't. But it's not usual for people to lie about who they are. The most logical reason I can think of is because this person has very low self-esteem. He is clearly unhappy with himself and has created an alter ego that he wishes to be. Either that or he feels trapped in the environment he is in and an alter ego allows him to freely pursue what he desires. Considering he comes from an upper-class family, is about to complete his degree and is merely 21, I believe it is more of the self-esteem rather than entrapment that is causing him to lie.

The boy needs professional help. Asking him to stop lying will not solve the true issue of his esteem. His deep rooted problem will merely manifest in a different way. From what I know, he has suffered from depression before as a teenager of around 17-19 years old. I wish him the best in life.